What Do Scandinavians Think of Finns?

Scandinavians have a long history with the Finns. This fact is especially true of the Swedes, as their country once ruled over Finland.

A history like that makes one wonder if their ‘long history’ is good.

Scandinavians like the Finns and view them as allies.

All the Scandinavian countries have friendly relations with their Finnish neighbor, even Sweden.

The countries have similar interests and cultures, so it’s no surprise they think highly of each other.

This article will discuss whether or not Scandinavians like Finns in more detail. It will also discuss why they might like Finns and whether Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians like Finns.

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Do Scandinavians like Finns? See below

Do Scandinavians Like Finns?

Scandinavians like Finns because they have similar interests and cultures.

Plus, they’re close neighbors (physically), so Scandinavians often like to visit Finland and vice versa.

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Finland and is also highly popular in Scandinavian countries.

Ice hockey is an example of similar interests between the Scandinavian countries and Finland.

There are other cultural similarities, like Finns being introverted and quiet.

Scandinavians are also known to be like this, so they’re highly similar to their neighbors.

As a result, Scandinavians and Finns understand each other’s cultures and get along quite well. 

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Do Scandinavians View Finland as a Scandinavian Country?

In most cases, Scandinavians don’t view Finland as a Scandinavian country because of its location, history, and distinct, non-Germanic language. 

However, this isn’t a new development. Finland, while considered Nordic, has never been attributed the title of a ‘Scandinavian country.’

Even Finns generally don’t think of Finland as Scandinavian.

Even though they don’t consider it one of their numbers, all Scandinavian countries have diplomatic relations with Finland.

Different Ethnic Groups and History

The leading ethnic group in Finland is Finnish rather than Scandinavian ethnicity.

There are also plenty of Russian and Eastern European ethnic groups. 

While the Vikings originated in the three major Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark), they did not come from Finland, another reason Scandinavians and the rest of the world might not consider the country genuinely Scandinavian.

However, the Vikings did disperse across the world over time, and some may have ended up in Finland.

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Do Finns and Swedes like each other? See below

Do Finns and Swedes Like Each Other?

Finns and Swedes like each other despite their rocky history.

Although Sweden once ruled Finland for centuries, both countries have managed to move forward and respect each other.

Swedish remains the official language of Finland to this day, and it is taught in schools.

Plenty of people in Finland speak Swedish, mainly because Sweden ruled the country for hundreds of years, so the language naturally stuck, including in the education system. 

Many would assume that Finns and Swedes are rivals due to their history, but they have proven civil in recent years.

For example, both countries came forward to join NATO at the same time after years of not being a part of the alliance (the other Scandinavian countries were already a part of NATO). [1]

The decision caused Russia to halt gas imports to Finland, but that was to be expected. 

Finland and Sweden Are Excellent Trade Partners

It’s also clear that the Finns and Swedes like each other because they have been trading partners for years.

Sweden exports billions of US dollars worth of products annually to Finland, with the most commonly traded items being petroleum and cars. [2]

The number of exports is also increasing as the years go by.

Therefore, the two nations are becoming more reliant on each other for products, services, and revenue.

Finns and Swedes Enjoy Ice Hockey

Although ice hockey isn’t the most popular sport in Sweden (football takes the first spot), ice hockey comes in at a close second.

Ice hockey is the biggest sport in Finland, so the two nations have that in common.

The countries’ national ice hockey teams often compete in tournaments, including the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. 

Finns and Other Nordics Still Make Jokes About the Swedes

It’s typical for Finns and people from other Nordic countries to make jokes about the Swedes from time to time, but they’re generally lighthearted ones.

It’s mainly because Sweden has a history of being the most powerful Nordic country, so there are jokes from other countries about Swedes being “unintelligent” or “arrogant.”

Again, these jokes are generally told lightheartedly and not usually taken seriously. They may even be a fun way for people from different Nordic countries to break the ice.

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Are Finland and Norway friends? See below

Are Finland and Norway Friends?

Finland and Norway are friends and don’t have any bad blood because they don’t have a history together as Finland and Sweden do.

The two countries are diplomatic and share many of the same interests. Finnish and Norwegians are relatively similar in that they’re organized and introverted.

Finland Relies on Norway for Fuel and Other Commodities

Not only is Finland a vital trading partner for Sweden (and vice versa), but it’s also an essential trading partner for Norway.

For example, Norway exported over 750 million USD in mineral fuel, oils, and distillation products to Finland in 2021. [3]

If the countries didn’t like each other, they certainly wouldn’t be such good trading partners. 

Finns and Norwegians Can Get Along Easily

On a more personal level, Finns and Norwegians can easily get along because they have similar cultures and personalities.

Although the Finns are considered the quietest of all the Nordic countries, Norwegians are also on the reserved side and don’t like small talk or asking strangers for help.

Their similar mannerisms and cultures make it easy for them to remain friendly (once there is no language barrier).

Do Danish People Like Finns?

Danish people like Finns, and they tend to have mutual respect for one another.

Denmark and Finland remain diplomatic, and the countries have similar cultures and values.

Both Finns and Danes like to be on time and are highly organized in most cases. 

Some of the central values of Finns include: [4]

  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Modesty
  • Trust
  • Equality

Similarly, Danish values include:

  • Trust
  • Equality
  • Punctuality

Since citizens of both countries hold similar values, it’s easy for them to get along with each other. 

While Finland is farther away from Denmark than Sweden, it still has a good trade relationship with Denmark.

In 2020 alone, Denmark exported over 1.8 billion USD in goods and services, making them essential trading partners. [5]

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