Why Are Scandinavian Women So Beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the famous saying goes, and to a certain extent, that’s true. After all, one person’s description of “the most beautiful person in the world” varies from someone else’s.

However, there’s a commonly accepted “beauty” standard that Scandinavian women seem to fit.

Scandinavian women are beautiful because they fit the most common societal norm of what beauty is.

They often have fair skin, light hair, and blue eyes, and they’re commonly tall with slender figures and high cheekbones. All of this is quantifiably beautiful by standard societal measures.

This article will further explore why so many people find Scandinavian women attractive and which features they have that make them so beautiful.

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Scandinavian woman
What do people like about Scandinavian women? See below

What do people like about Scandinavian women?

For the last several decades, the “ideal beauty standard” for women has included the following characteristics:

  • Tall
  • Thin
  • Blonde hair
  • Blue eyes

Only recently have standards begun to change, with people appreciating darker skin and more curvaceous bodies.

However, even though the trend is shifting again, it hasn’t changed enough to alter the “ideal.” 

And because Scandinavian women fit those four main characteristics, people often consider them the most beautiful women in the world. 

Obviously, not all Scandinavian women look the same, as they have different hair and eye colors, body types, and defining features.

However, like all cultures, there are some specific traits and attributes that many women living in the Scandinavian countries seem to share.

These shared characteristics are often the ones that cause people to find them attractive. 

The features that people find beautiful about Scandinavian women include:

  • Light, pale skin, and light (usually blue) eyes
  • Fair (typically blonde), long, straight hair
  • Tall, slender, statuesque bodies
  • Small, narrow, and straight noses
  • Well-defined jawlines and high, prominent cheekbones
  • Curvaceous figures
  • Intelligence and grace

The following sections will further examine each of these features.

Light, Pale Skin, and Light (Usually Blue) Eyes

Scientists have posited many theories on why Scandinavian people have light skin.

However, the prevailing one is that their light skin is a biological adaptation that helps them adjust to the cold climate and lack of sunlight. 

Although Scandinavian countries get plenty of sun in the summer, their days are very short in the winter, especially in Sweden.

Additionally, their winters are harsh and cold, so even when there is enough sun, not everyone gets out enough to see it. 

That means they need to absorb as much vitamin D as they can in short periods when they’re outside.

Pale skin helps them do this because the lighter a person’s skin, the more vitamin D they can absorb in a short time. [1]

Therefore, Scandinavians are genetically predisposed to having fair skin.

The reasons for their light eyes are less clear.

One article from the University of California Berkeley insists that “some of the same genes for having lighter or darker skin lead to lighter or darker eyes.” [2]

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Scandinavian people
What are common hair and eye colors for Scandinavian women? See below

Fair (Typically Blonde), Long, Straight Hair 

The explanation of light skin tones and vitamin D absorption likely play a role in why many Scandinavians are blonde.

According to a map of hair colors in Europe, nearly 80% of Scandinavians are blonde or fair-haired, the highest percentage in all of Europe. [3]

Tall, Slender, Statuesque Bodies

Another coveted beauty standard is height. While most men don’t want to date women taller than them, they do want their partners to be relatively tall with long legs.

Scandinavian women also measure up in this respect. 

Both Iceland and Denmark rank in the top 10 of the world’s “tallest countries.” [4] Finland, Sweden, and Norway come in at numbers 15, 16, and 17, respectively.

Furthermore, the Scandinavian countries put a high premium on physical fitness. After all, there’s a reason so many Strongmen come from the Nordic countries.

However, the women are just as committed to being healthy and looking their best as the men. 

Additionally, many of the most common pastimes in Scandinavia include vigorous outdoor activities like skating, climbing, and cycling. These activities help women stay in shape.

Small, Narrow, and Straight Noses

Scandinavian women also have very distinctive noses that rank high among the most beautiful nose shapes.

They aren’t overly large but tend to be straight and are often upturned slightly on the end.

As far as “cute” nose shapes are concerned, this style is one of the cutest.

Well-Defined Jawlines and High, Prominent Cheekbones

Both male and female Scandinavians often have well-defined jawlines and prominent cheekbones.

While many women try to replicate these features with makeup, Scandinavian women have them naturally.

The high cheekbones, especially, are something most people find attractive.

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Curvaceous Figures

As mentioned above, beauty standards are beginning to change. 

While people still think tall, slender women are among the prettiest, there’s a new trend toward appreciating curves.

Thin women with larger hips and breasts, such as the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Simpson, are becoming more popular. 

According to a 2013 study, Scandinavian women are some of the most curvaceous, at least in terms of breast size. [5] The only country with bustier women is Russia.

The Scandinavian countries come right after, in the following order: 

  • Finland*
  • Norway
  • Sweden

*Note: Finland isn’t part of Scandinavia. However, its proximity to those countries often gets it lumped in with them under the term ‘Norden.’

Intelligence and Grace

Finally, not all of the attractive characteristics of Scandinavian women are physical. Men and women alike appreciate these women’s grace and intelligence.

Scandinavian women carry themselves well and are generally friendly and outgoing. Other adjectives people use to describe them include: 

  • Independent
  • Outgoing
  • Rational
  • Cheery
  • Compassionate
  • Generous
  • Strong
  • Self-confident

They’re the kind of women people enjoy being around and cultivating friendships with.

After all, Scandinavians are consistently ranked among the world’s happiest people, and happy people make great companions. 

Scandinavians are also whip-smart. Since 2018, the Nordic countries have consistently been in the top 10 for education. [6]

That could explain the seemingly innate intelligence of Scandinavian women.

Their striking good looks, intelligence, and grace make Scandinavian females the “whole package.” 

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blonde hair blue eyes
Why are Scandinavian women known for their noses? See below

What Are Common Hair and Eye Colors for Scandinavian Women?

Common hair colors for Scandinavian women are blonde and red, though there are also several light-haired brunettes in these countries.

Dark brown and black aren’t nearly as typical. Common eye colors include any of the lighter colors, such as blue, light green, and gray.

The common hair colors account only for natural hair colors, and like women anywhere else, Scandinavian women can easily dye their hair dark brown, black, or another color.

While it’s not unusual to see light brown hair in the Scandinavian countries, seeing brown or other dark eyes is entirely different. 

Scandinavians almost exclusively have light eyes. According to this ”Eye Colors of Europe” map, 70% to 89% of Scandinavians have blue or light green eyes. 

The closest surrounding countries have a much smaller percentage of light eyes, falling between 48% and 69%.

The farther away from Scandinavia, the lower the percentage falls, with light-eyed residents of Turkey, Russia, Greece, and southern Italy making up only 0% to 18% of the population.

Why Are Scandinavian Women Known for Their Noses?

Scandinavian women are known for their noses because they’re distinctive. They have small noses – a biological adaptation to the cold climates they live in – that are straight, narrow, and set high on their faces.

Many of their noses are also slightly upturned in a manner most people call “cute.”

Today, some people refer to this nose as an “aristocratic” or “celestial” nose. Its narrow bridge and slightly upturned end make it a nose style that women covet.

According to various plastic surgeons, it’s one of the most sought-after noses. 

Perhaps that’s why 82% of all rhinoplasties were performed on women in 2020.  

Furthermore, nose jobs were the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2020, with over 350,000 people (over 285,000 women) having it done.


Although everyone’s definition of beauty varies, most people would agree that Scandinavian women are some of the most beautiful in the world.

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