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Thank you for visiting Scandinavia Facts. I hope you find this resource helpful. There are three factors that led me to create this website:

1. Family heritage: My paternal family heritage is Danish. Exploring my family tree started with wanting to learn more about my grandfather’s life:

  • Where did he come from?
  • What was his childhood like?
  • What was his father’s name?
  • What did he farm?
  • What did he believe?

I have discovered that when I learn more about my heritage, I learn more about myself. I am also passing down this history to my own children, so they will better understand, in part, who they are.

My journey of discovery led me to research pre-Viking Scandinavia, the Viking era, the Christian era, the modern period, and everything in between. My journey is ongoing, yet:

  • I have studied Scandinavian life, from the first hunter-gathers to the modern socio-political climate in the twenty-first century.
  • I have studied family life, because that is a key interest of mine, including, but not limited to, the roles of men and women, children, the elderly, and more.

2. Academic interest: I have been in higher education for about 15 years, as a professor and administrator. One of my areas of academic interest is the religious history of Europe, especially Scandinavia. This includes the pre-Christian era, which was marked by Norse paganism, as well as pre-Reformation Europe under the influence of the medieval Latin church.

Europe at the time of the Protestant Reformation is also an interest. From it’s roots in Germany, France, and Switzerland, to its expansion in Scandinavia, Protestantism—especially Lutheran Protestantism—is important to understand the northern most region in Europe.

3. Respectful promotion: I am a member of the Scandinavia Academic Society which has a threefold purpose:

  • The promotion of Scandinavian study and instruction in America.
  • The encouragement of original research in this country in the fields of Scandinavian languages, literatures, history, culture, and society and the publication of the results of such research in the quarterly journal Scandinavian Studies.
  • The fostering of closer relations between persons interested in Scandinavian studies in North America and elsewhere.

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