What Do Scandinavians Find Attractive?

Scandinavians are often considered some of the most beautiful people in the world because of their bright blue eyes and light hair.

But, since they’re so attractive, many people might wonder what Scandinavians themselves find attractive.

Scandinavians find modesty, drive, and motivation attractive. Humility is essential because the average Scandinavian is not materialistic.

They generally don’t like to flaunt expensive things, so they’ll likely find such behaviors unattractive. They also appreciate good manners and a sense of humor.

This article will discuss what Scandinavians look for in a partner. It will also discuss whether or not they find other Scandinavians attractive and if they find southern Europeans attractive.

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Why do many Scandinavians like modesty? See below

What Do Scandinavians Look for in a Partner?

Below are the main things Scandinavians find attractive and look for in a partner.


First and foremost, modesty is paramount for most Scandinavians. Humility is particularly important in Swedish culture, as most Swedes believe everyone has the same rights and should have access to the same things. 

The term for this is the “Law of Jante,” which emphasizes the achievements of groups rather than individuals. [1]

Suppose the average Scandinavian has to listen to someone brag about their high salary or designer clothes.

In that case, they’ll likely be left unimpressed and uninterested in going on further dates with that person.

Of course, they don’t mind discussing these things, but there’s a fine line between being confident and proud of one’s achievements and outright bragging or showing off.

Therefore, modesty is often one of the most essential characteristics a Scandinavian will look for in a partner.

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Certain Physical Attributes

Like anyone else, Scandinavians look for specific physical attributes in a partner.

In this case, there is no one-size-fits-all because different Nordics have different tastes and preferences. So, the desired physical features will vary from person to person.

However, many Scandinavians may be interested in “exotic” looking people because they’re so used to seeing the standard pale-skinned, light-haired people at home. 

People with darker features are less common in Nordic countries, so it’s seen as more exciting and desirable to many.

As a result, many Scandinavian men and women may prefer darker skin over the pale skin that’s common in Nordic countries.

Similarly, people from countries where most have darker features are more likely to find those with lighter features more attractive because they’re rarer and, therefore, more enticing.

Ironically, darker skin and other features are often considered more desirable in Scandinavian countries considering there is a severe lack of sunlight throughout the year!

To combat the lack of sunlight, Scandinavian women like to use fake tan and sun beds to remain darker throughout the colder months, and they also enjoy sunbathing when on vacation. 

Scandinavian countries have some of the highest instances of skin cancer in the world, with Denmark ranking number three overall. [2]

It’s no coincidence Danes have high reported levels of skin cancer–they like to use sun beds and travel to sunny locations frequently, increasing the overall risk of melanoma.

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Why do many Scandinavians like drive? See below

Drive and Motivation

Modesty and specific physical attributes are things that Scandinavians look for in a partner, but drive and motivation are also necessary.

This is no surprise considering Sweden is a highly successful and innovative nation.

While Scandinavians may not be as work-oriented as people from other places (like Germany), having a goal or purpose in one’s life and career is still essential.

A lack of drive and motivation can make someone appear lazy and unattractive.

Wanting a driven and motivated partner isn’t specific to Scandinavians–most people worldwide look for such traits, so it’s rather general.

Liberal-Progressive Views

Scandinavians generally like to be equal in relationships. For example, the man isn’t expected to be the sole provider for the woman/family, and the woman isn’t expected to cook every meal or always clean.

Instead, things are more balanced. For example, Swedish partners get 480 days of parental leave per child. [3]

In other European countries, it’s more common for just the mother to get parental leave, but Scandinavian countries like to give both partners a chance to stay home with their child.

One shouldn’t expect to attract an average Scandinavian if they have more old-fashioned views. Most young Nordics are progressive, so forward-thinking opinions will be vital to them.

Also, most Scandinavians don’t get married in their 20s. The average age for a woman to get married in Sweden in 2021 was 34.2. [4]

Therefore, Scandinavians are generally not attracted to people who desire to marry at a young age. It can often be seen as a turn-off or “moving too fast.”

They generally prefer to focus on their careers in their 20s.

Good Manners

Scandinavians want their partners to be well-mannered, as being polite and considerate is a big part of their culture.

Someone who is rude or loud in public will not be looked at favorably by most Nordics.

In all Scandinavian countries, children are taught to be considerate of others and not to bother strangers, even if it’s just to ask for help (unless entirely necessary).

As they become adults, they retain what they were taught when they were young and eventually pass the behaviors to their kids, and so on.

Someone who lacks basic manners is highly unlikely to attract a Scandinavian partner.

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Why many Scandinavians like a sense of humor? See below

Sense of Humor

Scandinavians are relatively introverted and shy, particularly when getting to know someone new.

So, it’s paramount that a Scandinavian’s partner has a good sense of humor and can make them laugh to keep them interested and break the ice.

Otherwise, there would likely be a lot of dead air, especially during the first few dates.

Like anyone else, Scandinavians like to laugh and have fun with their partners, so a lack of sense of humor is a turn-off for most people.

They don’t have to be the funniest person in the world, but the ability to tell the odd joke and make people smile or laugh now and then is an important quality to have.

Someone Who Takes Ownership

When looking for a partner, a Scandinavian will want someone who takes ownership and responsibility for their decisions and actions. 

Scandinavians are highly responsible, so it’s only natural for them to look for that attribute in a partner.

For example, one would likely not see any litter around the streets in a Scandinavian city because the citizens take responsibility and respect their country and the environment.

In fact, Copenhagen is ranked as the world’s cleanest city as of 2022. [5]

In many Scandinavian cities, one will rarely find things like litter or dog feces, which are common in most major cities.  

Anyone who wants to attract a Scandinavian should be able to take responsibility for their actions and respect their surroundings and the planet.

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