Stockholm vs. Gothenburg: Which Is Better for Nightlife?

Stockholm and Gothenburg are two popular tourist cities in the country of Switzerland. Both towns offer a versatile and exciting nightlife. But which city is better?

Stockholm offers various establishments, but many of them have strict dress codes, long lines, and higher prices.

Gothenburg, on the other hand, offers a larger variety of places to visit at cheaper costs. Gothenburg is also less exclusive, making it the better choice for nightlife.

Important information about the nightlife of both cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg, can be found below. Each has unique features, which are important to know before visiting.

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Stockholm Sweden during the day

Stockholm Nightlife

Stockholm is the perfect place to enjoy a balanced blend of the city and nature, and there’s an active nightlife that makes things more fun once the sun goes down.

During summer months, many clubs stay busy night and day, so a person has plenty of time to check out all the hot spots Stockholm has to offer.

The hot weather also brings out a variety of outdoor clubs so people can party under the stars.

Visitors to Stockholm should check out a location’s website or social media to get specific details on hours of operation, age restrictions, and schedules. Some places have changing operating times. [1]

Visitors may also want to ask about payment options. Many places in Stockholm only accept cards instead of cash. [2]

Places to Visit in Stockholm

Here is a shortlist of nightlife options available in Stockholm:

  • Fasching – a renowned jazz club with club nights and concerts for the soul, jazz, or Latin fans
  • Under Bron – underground techno club located in a two-story wooden house with live DJs (international and local)
  • Slakthuset – indoor/outdoor hipster club with multiple dance floors and clubs for all types of music (R&B/hip hop, house, techno)
  • Berns – art nouveau entertainment temple offers a hotel, concert venue, multiple bars, dining room, patio, and a large dance floor
  • F12 Terrassen – summer club with multiple bars, dance floors with techno and hip hop music
  • Colosseum – large nightclub with multiple dance floors, 100-meter long bar, no guest lists, and music from house, hits, soul, and Swedish pop genres; caters to a younger clientele
  • Spy Bar – the most famous nightclub; it caters to an alternative group, has long lines and lots of people, so arrive early to stay late as this club is better between 3 and 5 am
  • Riche – caters to art, club, and fashion crowds, and it features multiple restaurants and bars
  • Häktet – consists of three bars; an old prison converted to a fun hang out spot. [3]

If a person enjoys the nightlife in Stockholm, they will also want to make plans to visit Södermalm or Stureplan, two other dynamic cities.

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Stockholm Sweden

Södermalm Nightlife

If a person is looking for a laid-back environment, they want to head south to Södermalm, the European version of “Brooklyn.” This city has plenty of underground techno spots and house vibe clubs.

This city is a must-visit for anyone who falls into the hipster, fashionista, electro, or rock crowds. Some places to visit in Södermalm include:

  • Kvarnen – bar, restaurant, gathering spot for classic Swedish food in a fancy setting
  • Ljunggren – mingle spot for great drinks and Asian food with a rooftop bar
  • Morfar Ginko – the most popular bar; a great place to hang out with friends, listen to a DJ, and play ping-pong
  • Södra Teatern – the oldest venue with theater, live music, multiple clubs, and restaurants 
  • Champagnebaren – terrace is open during summer with an amazing view of Stockholm 
  • Side Track – nightlife for the LGBT community with cheap food and live DJs 
  • Lilla Hotellbaren – fancy lounge at Scandic Malmen for live jazz music and DJs
  • Tjoget – restaurant/wine bar/beer café 
  • Folkbaren – local bar with theatrical and musical influences
  • Debaser – concert and club plus Mexican restaurant and American bar [4]


For a more upscale feel, visit Stureplan. Stureplan has many clubs and places to visit, but they also have higher prices, stricter rules for entry, and long lines.

Visitors have to adhere to a strict dress code in many places, and you might even have to be on a list to get in.

Popular nightlife spots you can find in Stureplan include:

  • Sturecompagniet – There are multiple rooms to party in, hang out, and dance. This is the most popular gathering spot.
  • Cafe Opera – This is a gathering place for an eclectic group of people; laidback and relaxed.
  • Spy Bar – There are two rooms: one with underground techno music and another room is classically set up. It stays open past 3 in the morning but can be hard to get into if you get there late.
  • Obaren – There is no cover charge and is popular for all groups. It offers karaoke and dancing. [5]


Gothenburg offers a variety of nightlife activities to appease the pickiest travelers. [6]

There’s plenty to see on the main strip of Avenyn, so a person doesn’t have to go far from downtown if they are not big on taking an adventure into the unknown. 

Avenyn Boulevard Venues

Avenyn has plenty of nightclubs, pubs, and sites to satisfy a person’s need for an active nightlife. Some of the most popular places to visit on Avenyn Boulevard include 

Trädgår’n, one of Gothenburg’s largest clubs

Trädgår’n offers large concerts and a clubbing scene year-round. In the summer, Port Du Soleil comes to the venue, changing the setting to a Riviera theme with a pan-Asian menu. Travel experts recommend checking the website before visiting. 

The Lounge

Another familiar and favorite place to visit on Avenyn Boulevard is The Lounge, which offers multiple rooms and levels of parties, all the way to the rooftop. 

Standing in line for this place may take a bit, but a person won’t want to leave once they get in. A person could spend hours exploring the different music, decors, and bars. 

Park Lane

If someone wants to visit an after-hours spot after all the clubs have closed, a person can head to Park Lane, the club that never sleeps. This club is a popular spot for shows and various entertainment and a drinking spot for the elite.

Underground Scene

Suppose the underground scene is more a person’s speed, then head over to Yaki-Da. This club features an outstanding coffee bar, open-air terrace, and bedroom dance floor. 

The music is a versatile mix, so there’s something for everyone, and some days, there are DJs and live shows. The best thing is there is no dress code.


Here are some of the places a visitor can go to if you want a night of dancing:

  • Valand is one of the oldest nightclubs in Gothenburg and features antique artwork, crystal chandeliers, and an awesome dance floor. 
  • Upstairs is a place to start your night.
  • Then head over to Push, check out disco, house music, and 80s hits. Push is more for the upscale crowd. 
  • Nefertiti, or Nef, has international artists and a vibrant dance floor. They also feature live music nearly every night from international artists. 

There are plenty of other popular party spots in Gothenburg, making it the better place to visit for an active and diverse nightlife. 

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Which Is Better for Nightlife?

When deciding which city would be better for nightlife, it would help to determine what type of vibe you’re hoping to enjoy. 

Gothenburg has many advantages to Stockholm for the nightlife offerings, making it a better choice to have something for everyone. 

Besides having more places to visit, Gothenburg is also cheaper to visit than Stockholm. If a person is vacationing on a budget, they would be able to do more in Gothenburg.

However, Gothenburg is more expensive than many other European cities. 

Another benefit that Gothenburg has over Stockholm is that most clubs do not have a strict dress code or waiting list. 

When visiting Stockholm, a person might end up standing in line for a while just to get turned away at the door because their clothing isn’t appropriate or they aren’t on the guest list. 

In Closing

When planning a vacation that relies heavily on the nightlife offerings, it helps to know what a person can do in a specific location. 

Comparing the nightlife of Stockholm and Gothenburg shows that there is more to do in Gothenburg than in Stockholm, and it’s a more affordable place to visit and not as exclusive. 

But both cities have a lot going for them, so if possible, why not try both!








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