Where Was the Vikings TV Show Filmed?

Vikings, a six-season show that revolved around the life of Viking warriors, was set primarily in the kingdom of Kattegat.

However, shows are often filmed in locations much different from their fictional settings, and Vikings is no different. 

The History Channel TV show Vikings was primarily filmed in the Republic of Ireland.

Additionally, this TV show contained scenes shot in Canada, England, Iceland, Morocco, and Norway. 

The rest of this article will provide additional details on the filming locations within each country, the series settings, and the nationality of the Vikings‘ main characters.

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In what settings did Vikings take place? See below

What Are the Main Locations Where Vikings Was Filmed?

Vikings recorded most of its six seasons in Ireland.

However, many countries, such as Canada, Iceland, Morocco, and Norway, and various locations within them also contributed to Vikings‘ stunning settings. [1]

Here is a brief overview.


Vikings was filmed in two primary locations in Canada. 

  • Prince – a beautiful seaside township in the Canadian province of Ontario
  • Searchmont – a small community in Ontario’s Goulais River Valley


There were also several scenes filmed in Iceland.

  • Skógafoss – a waterfall that is the byproduct of the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers
  • Gullfoss – arguably Iceland’s most famous waterfall, which gets its name from the golden color of its glacial waters
  • Reynisfjara – a black sand beach beside the fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal
  • Vík í Mýrdal – a village home to fewer than 300 people in southern Iceland that boasts views of the Reynisdrangar sea stacks and access to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier [2]


Although Ireland isn’t considered a Nordic country, most of Vikings was filmed there.

  • Ashford Studios – a film studio approximately 40 minutes from the Dublin airport in Ballyhenry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
  • Silverstrand – a sandy beach bounded by a cliff on one side and rocks on the other, which faces into Galway Bay [3]
  • Avoca Mines – although closed in 1982, the Avoca mines operated for centuries; the Romans potentially traded ore at this site 
  • Ballyhenry Studios – a film studio in Ashford, Ireland
  • Blainroe Beach – a Wicklow County beach approximately one hour from Dublin
  • Blessington Lakes – 5,000 acres of water formed in the Wicklow Mountains caused by building the Poulaphouca Dan
  • Brittas Bay – a stretch of beach and dunes in County Wicklow 
  • River Boyne – a river located surrounded by the Boyne Valley in eastern Ireland
  • Wicklow Mountains – a series of mountains just south of Dublin in the center of County Wicklow
  • Hollywood – a village in Wicklow, which houses the Athgreany Stone Circle and Church Mountain Passage Tomb, and Church
  • Lough Dan – a picturesque lake in the Wicklow Mountains, fed by Lough Tay
  • Lough Tay – also known as the Guinness Lake, is fed by the Cloghoge River and has a bright white sand beach on its northern side
  • Mitchelstown Cave – a series of underground chambers and passages in County Tipperary
  • Nuns Beach – a horse-shoe shaped cove north of the Ballybunion Castle in North Kerry
  • Powerscourt Estate – 1,000 acres of farm, gardens, hills, and river, with an accompanying mansion, located 30 minutes from Dublin in County Wicklow 
  • Powerscourt Waterfall – Ireland’s highest waterfall located in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains


Vikings only utilized one location in Morocco, but it’s amazing.

They filmed several scenes at the famous Atlas studio.

Atlas Studio is the largest film studio in the world. It’s located in Ouarzazate, Morocco, and is often utilized for desert scenes. 


Even though Norway is one of the countries most people associate with the Vikings, the show only filmed in one location there. 

Hellesylt is a small village that’s home to the Storfossen waterfall. It’s a gorgeous, little-known area that’s home to fewer than 300 people.

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What nationalities are the main actors in Vikings? See below

In What Settings Did the Vikings TV Series Take Place?

Regardless of film location, Vikings supposedly took place in various parts of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, and France – with Kattegat as a primary series setting. 

See below for a brief description of primary locations from the perspective of the series:

  • Denmark – a region in southern Scandinavia
  • East Anglia – a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England on the eastern coast
  • Flokalundur – a village in Iceland 
  • Götaland – Jarl Borg’s home in southern Svealand
  • Greenland – an island discovered by Icelandic settlers
  • Hedeby – a hilly town in Denmark
  • Ifriqiya – an area in northern Africa
  • Istrehagan – a village in Vestfold 
  • Kattegat – the Norwegian capital of Ragnar’s kingdom
  • Kiev – the capital city of the Kievan Rus
  • Kingdom of Vestfold-Rogland – an area of Norway 
  • Lindisfarne – an island off the coast of England
  • Mercia – a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England in what is known as the English Midlands today
  • Midgard – the name for Earth in Norse mythology
  • Mi’kmaq Village – a village in Newfoundland
  • Newfoundland, aka Golden Lands – explored by several Vikings in the series
  • Northumbria – a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England in what is known as Northern England/Southeastern Scotland today
  • Norway – ruled by Harald Finehair in the westernmost region of Scandinavia
  • Novgorod – a town in the Rus
  • Paris – the capital city of West Francia
  • Uppsala – supervised by the Priest, an essential place in Svealand
  • Rogaland – an area of the southwestern part of Norway
  • Scandinavia – a region in Northern Europe  
  • Sicily – an island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Svealand – the original Sweden
  • Tamdrup – the capital of Vestfold
  • Vestfold – a county in the southeastern section of Norway
  • Wessex – a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England
  • West Francia – the Kingdom of the West Franks (early France)
  • Winchester – the capital of Wessex
  • York – one of the most significant towns in England

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What Nationalities Are the Main Actors in Vikings?

The actors in Vikings originate from numerous different countries, including England, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Australia, and more.

None of the main characters are from the United States, though some of the minor characters and extras may be.

Reference the table below for the countries of origin for the series’ primary actors.

Character NameReal NameCountry of Origin
AethelwulfMoe DunfordIreland
AstridJosefin AsplundSweden
AthelstanGeorge BlagdenEngland
BjornAlexander LudwigCanada
Earl HaraldsonGabriel James ByrneIreland
Emperor CharlesLothaire BluteauCanada
FlokiGustaf SkarsgårdSweden
Halfdan the BlackJasper PääkkönenFinland
HelgaMaude HirstEngland
HvitserkMarco IlsøDenmark
Ivar the BonelessAlex Høgh AndersenDenmark
JudithJennie JacquesEngland
King EcbertLinus RoacheEngland
King Harald FinehairPeter FranzénFinland
Kjetill FlatnoseAdam CopelandCanada
LagerthaKetheryn WinnickCanada
Princess GislaMorgane PolanskiFrance
Queen AslaugAlyssa SutherlandAustralia
Ragnar LothbrokTravis FimmelAustralia
RolloClive StandenNorthern Ireland
Sigurd Snake in the EyeDavid LindströmSweden
The SeerJohn KavanaghIreland
TorviGeorgia HirstEngland
UbbeJordan Patrick SmithScotland


Numerous filming locations, along with actors of varied nationalities and many Irish “extras,” came together to create the settings and characters for Vikings viewers. 

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