250 Viking Girl Names (From Norse Males In History)

Vikings have become more popular in mainstream media over the past several years, which has led to several people wanting to find Viking or Norse names for their babies.

While this may seem strange to some, Viking names are strong, powerful, and beautiful. 

Some of the most famous Viking girl names are those that were given to Norse goddesses or famous shield maidens in Viking lore.

Common female names include Lagertha, Astrid, Frida, Hilda, Freya, and Gunhild. However, there are many, many more from which people can choose.

This article will list 250 of the most beautiful Viking girl names.

Some are popular, while others are more archaic, but all make lovely, strong names for newborn baby girls.

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Viking female names
What are some famous girl names for Viking females? See below

Famous Girl Names for Viking Females

The most famous Viking girl names are those from Norse mythology and medieval Norse-Icelandic Skaldic poetry. [1]

These are female names that practically everyone in the Scandinavian countries – and many people outside of those countries – immediately recognize upon hearing them. 

Some of them, like Sif and Freya, are the names of Norse goddesses.

Others are famous females in Viking history, such as Lagertha and Aslaug, the wives of Ragnar Lodbrok.

Still, others are the names of fictional characters made famous by recent Viking-based movies and television shows.

Here are some of the most famous girl names for Viking females:

  • Lagertha
  • Aslaug
  • Olga
  • Liv
  • Revna
  • Helga
  • Freydis
  • Sif
  • Freya
  • Sigrid
  • Astrid
  • Estrid
  • Yrsa
  • Thorin
  • Sigyn
  • Frigg
  • Idun
  • Gyda
  • Skadi
  • Brynhild
  • Embla
  • Urd (or Urdr)
  • Frida
  • Torvi
  • Röskva
  • Gunnhild
  • Siggy
  • Porunn
  • Altöra
  • Ingrid
  • Margrethe

Other names, like Yidu and Kwenthrith, have become more famous thanks to Vikings-based television shows.

However, they are not names that originated in the Viking vocabulary or Scandinavian countries.

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Viking woman
What are some strong warrior names for Viking females? See below

Strong Warrior Names for Viking Females

Many of the famous Viking female names are also some of the strongest Viking female names.

For example, Lagertha and Freydis were two of the most famous and strongest Viking shield maidens. 

Recently, the History Channel’s Vikings and Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla has brought these characters into the public eye.

However, they are based on real people from history who were genuinely strong women

Therefore, there may be some overlap between this section and the famous names above.

This section also contains the names of famous valkyries in Norse mythology and Viking lore. [2]

Here are some strong warrior names for Viking females: [3] [4]  

  • Lagertha
  • Freydis
  • Eir
  • Brynhild
  • Skadi
  • Astrid
  • Unn
  • Yrsa
  • Geirahöð
  • Geiravör
  • Ursa
  • Geirdriful
  • Olga
  • Hrist
  • Kara
  • Hrund
  • Freya
  • Valkyrie
  • Skögul
  • Prima
  • Rota
  • Gunnlöð
  • Herja
  • Reginleif
  • Hildr
  • Gertrud
  • Gudrid
  • Hervor
  • Thurid
  • Tora
  • Thora
  • Liv
  • Bodil
  • Skuld
  • Göndul
  • Göll
  • Ölrún
  • Hela (or Hel)
  • Sigrid
  • Sigrun
  • Ulfhild
  • Åse
  • Angrboda
  • Laufi
  • Svipul
  • Geirdriful
  • Randi
  • Signe
  • Veborg
  • Verdandi
  • Urd (or Urdr)
  • Elli
  • Gullveig

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Viking woman
What are cool names for Viking females? See below

Cool Names for Viking Females

“Cool” is a very subjective term. However, some Viking female names are just objectively cool, like Saga or Rune.

Any kid who grows up with a name like that is bound to be awesome. 

Here are some of the coolest Viking female names: 

  • Sjöfn
  • Saga
  • Runa
  • Tove
  • Aelfsi
  • Ylva
  • Liefi 
  • Thordis
  • Siri
  • Olaug
  • Jord
  • Hamingja
  • Kelby
  • True
  • Brenna
  • Darby
  • Dahlia
  • Diss
  • Revna
  • Thurid
  • Sassa
  • Valkyrie
  • Lagertha
  • Heidrun
  • Krystyna
  • Olia
  • Gerrie
  • Astra
  • Solveig
  • Thyra
  • Kelva
  • Torny
  • Nels
  • Raynee
  • Valen
  • Sif
  • Áma
  • Noma
  • Freya
  • Astrid
  • Frida

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Traditional Baby Names for Vikings Females    

Most traditional female names for Vikings come from Old Norse female names.

There are plenty of one- and two-syllable names, often beginning with vowels instead of consonants.

Many have their roots in Norse mythology. 

For example, Embla is the only surviving human female after the events of Ragnarok.

Nanna is the wife of the great god Baldr, and Edda is the name of the book from which most Norse mythology comes.

Here are some traditional baby names for Viking females: [5]

  • Eerika
  • Saga
  • Tyra
  • Edda
  • Tora 
  • Thora
  • Eula
  • Alfhild
  • Brunhild
  • Brunhilda
  • Inkeri
  • Alvida
  • Ingeborg
  • Brenna
  • Hillevi
  • Helga
  • Gerd
  • Gunhild
  • Aslaug
  • Oydis
  • Signy
  • Sigrid
  • Sigrun
  • Ingeborg
  • Gyda
  • Ylva
  • Olga
  • Eira
  • Nanna
  • Tordis
  • Ingrid
  • Siv
  • Runa
  • Kari
  • Sylvi
  • Iona
  • Eydis
  • Embla
  • Ursa

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Male Viking Names That Also Work for Females 

Many traditional male Viking names already have female counterparts, such as Thor and Thora (or Tora) and Ulf and Ulfhild.

However, the names in this section are traditionally male names with male spellings. Fortunately, people could just as easily use them for female babies

Here are some traditional male Viking names that would also work for Viking females: [6]

  • Rune
  • Ari
  • Kåre
  • Kol
  • Troels
  • Jorey
  • Ingo
  • Birger
  • Kierstin
  • Destin
  • Odine
  • Arne
  • Eerikki
  • Gunne
  • Vali
  • Dagmar
  • Kerr
  • Inge
  • Narve
  • Kelby
  • Kensley
  • Selby
  • Alva
  • Loki
  • Bo

Additionally, many of these names could also undergo a bit of tweaking in the spelling to look more feminine.

For example, Bo may not seem as feminine as Boe, and Dagmari looks more ladylike than Dagmar. 

The great thing about names, though, is that anyone can pull off any name they like. They just need the right attitude for it.

Also, see Facts About Valhalla to learn more.

Modern Female Scandinavian Names

There are also plenty of great name options for those looking for something more modern that still keeps them in touch with their Scandinavian heritage. (Or their love of the Scandinavian countries and their history.) 

These names often repurpose some of the more traditional Viking names but give them newer and easier spellings.

Additionally, many of the names listed here have alternate spellings, such as Linnea, Lynea, and Lynnea, or Emilie, Emily, and Emili. 

Here are some modern female Scandinavian names that would be suitable for baby shield maidens: 

  • Annika
  • Linnea
  • Kersten
  • Vivica
  • Mea
  • Boe
  • Emilie
  • Norna
  • Kareena
  • Liv
  • Hulda
  • Anitra
  • Kelda
  • Keerstin
  • Signa
  • Agnetha
  • Siriana
  • Meya
  • Ulrika
  • Rayna
  • Meja
  • Rane
  • Carina
  • Runa
  • Klara
  • Freja
  • Maja
  • Sylvie
  • Kajsa
  • Signe
  • Daleia
  • Maj
  • Nissa
  • Thordia
  • Anja
  • Tyra
  • Karyna
  • Brenna
  • Holda
  • Ronia
  • Valda
  • Karola
  • Ester
  • Olgy
  • Audny
  • Fröja
  • Malin
  • Kiersten
  • Tova
  • Birget
  • Pernilla
  • Tindra
  • Alva
  • Märta
  • Märeta
  • Frieda
  • Karri
  • Edda
  • Eryka
  • Lovisa
  • Margareta

Final Thoughts

For those looking to give their babies powerful Viking names, the options aren’t limitless. However, they are plentiful.

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